State officials warn of health insurance scams

November 20 — New York Attorney General Letitia James and State Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald are warning New Yorkers about health insurance enrollment scams as 2024 enrollment gets underway through New York State Health.

According to a media release, the New York Health Plan Marketplace, NY State of Health, “offers one-time purchase of health insurance for both public health plans (Medicaid, Child Health Plus and The Essential Plan) and commercial health insurance (Qualified Health Plans). ). )” Earlier this year, after the pandemic continued coverage rules expired, New York resumed the practice of reviewing and renewing eligibility for those enrolled in public health plans.

Health insurance fraud is on the rise, the report said.

James and McDonald warn New Yorkers to beware of scammers who call, text or email.

There are several ways scammers rip off New Yorkers who are trying to get or keep health insurance, according to the release.

— Scammers use fear to threaten New Yorkers that their Medicaid or other health insurance is at risk of being canceled, or that they have already lost their Medicaid or other health insurance unless they pay hundreds of dollars to restore or continue benefits.

— Scammers will also use fake offers of generosity to trick New Yorkers into providing personal information. This is usually done through phishing scams that offer people gift cards or money to “upgrade” their health accounts so they don’t lose coverage.

The New York agencies that administer Medicaid, Child Health Plus and Essential Plan benefits will never charge or charge consumers to enroll or re-enroll. They also won’t offer rewards to New Yorkers to renew their coverage, the release said.

To learn how to renew Medicaid, Child Health Plus, or Essential Plan health insurance, New Yorkers are encouraged to visit the NY State of Health website or the NY Medicaid website. New Yorkers are encouraged to visit the NY State of Health website to learn about enrolling or renewing their 2024 Commercial Qualified Health Plan coverage.

James and MacDonald gave the following advice.

— No one can ever charge a fee to renew health insurance in Medicaid, Child Health Plus, or Essential Plan.

— If enrolled in health insurance through NY State of Health, many people are available to help residents upgrade for free. These include state certified health enrollment assistants and customer service representatives. For information or guidance, visit the NY State of Health website or call 1-855-355-5777.

— If you are enrolled in Medicaid either through a county Medicaid office or the New York City Department of Human Resources, there are people available to help for free. Contact the office where you registered to ask questions and get help renewing your insurance.

— Government agencies will never threaten, demand payment, or ask for credit information via text message, email, or phone call.

— Many websites will try to trick residents into thinking they are the official New York State health insurance marketplace. There is only one official NY State of Health website.

— Submitting contact information to certain websites may result in calls, texts, or emails from scammers. letters.

– Report suspected fraud.

Medicaid, Child Health Plus, and Essential plan enrollment is open year-round. However, New York requires enrollees to renew their eligibility for the plans every 12 months, although annual renewal has been suspended during the COVID-19 emergency. Enrollees are sent renewal notices well in advance of their coverage end dates with detailed instructions on how to stay covered and extend by the deadline.

To enroll in a qualified health plan in 2024, New Yorkers must do so during the open enrollment period that began on November 16. Enrollment must be completed by December 15 for coverage to begin January 1, 2024. New Yorkers who experience a qualifying life event (such as marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child) may enroll in a Qualified Health Plan outside of the open enrollment period. It’s important to note that most people qualify for tax credits that reduce the monthly cost of a Qualified Health Plan, the release said.

Any New Yorker who suspects they have been the victim of a scam is encouraged to report it to the Attorney General’s Office by filing a complaint online or by calling 1-800-771-7755.

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