People swear by “75 Hard Challenges” to get in shape.

If you’re looking to test out viral workouts and social media health trends, the 75 Hard Challenge might be on your radar. 75 Hard Challenge got its name for a good reason. it is not easy to complete, but those who are successful at it, admire their before and after transformations. The health challenge, which is 75 days of sticking to healthy habits, was brought to life by Andy Frizella of the REAL AF podcast. In an Instagram post, Frizella revealed a number of things she learned from the 75 tough challenges, one of which is: “I am 1000% in control of my success or failure at anything.”

If you’re wondering what the challenge is all about, keep reading to find out more. And for more fitness inspiration, be sure to check out People Swear By The 30/30/30 Weight Loss Plan. “Completely changed my body” next.

What is the 75 hard challenge?

The hard hashtag #75 has received an impressive 2B views on TikTok as users document their journeys and share inspiring results. But what kind of challenge are we talking about? “Seventy-five hard is a discipline challenge to challenge mental toughness,” he explains April Gatlin, ACE, master trainer for STRIDE Fitness. “It includes the following ‘rules’ within 75 days.

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The daily rules are as follows:

  1. Read 10 pages of a non-fiction/personal development book.
  2. Follow a healthy diet. (Gatlin stresses the importance of consulting with a registered dietitian/health professional about which diet is best for your body and goals.)
  3. Do two 45-minute workouts (one indoors and one outdoors).
  4. Drink a gallon of water.
  5. Take photos of your progress.
  6. Do not drink alcohol.
  7. Don’t cheat meals.

Is the 75 hard challenge sustainable?

Anytime you’re working toward a fitness, diet, or health goal, consistency is key. “As a fitness professional, I recommend every part of this challenge, as long as you don’t go 75 hard,” Gatlin tells us. “Water consumption is very important for daily mental and physical activities. Also, structuring your workouts and diet is always a positive when leading a healthy lifestyle. Even taking progress pictures once a month would be helpful… Finally, reading personal development. books are always highly recommended. If we work on the mind, the body will respond.”

However, Gatlin notes that the “no cheat meals” and “twice-a-day workouts” aspects can be difficult to maintain, making it difficult to be consistent with your efforts. She recommends sticking to a nutrition plan that’s personalized to your goals, while cutting out alcohol and having one cheat meal per week to keep things more sustainable.

As for workouts, Gatlin suggests changing the challenge to one 60-minute or two 30-minute workouts per day that can be done indoors or outdoors. She also encourages you to take weekly progress pictures rather than daily photos.

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“Having completed the 75 difficulty myself, if someone is ever considering taking on this mental toughness challenge, they need to evaluate whether this is a good time in life to take on this challenge,” Gatlin stresses. “(A [there] Will life change in the near future? i.e. moving, changing jobs, school, etc.). Make sure you’re set up for success (as much as you can control) before you start. [In addition,] be aware that this is a CHALLENGE. Some people go into it expecting it to be easy… it’s not. If you can’t follow some of the 75 strict rules, adapt [while] keeping the basic elements the same. On the other side of the challenge, you’ll feel accomplished, you’ll feel tough, and your body can change along the way.”

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People swear by 75 tough challenges to get in shape.

TikTokers tackle 75 tough challenges to get in shape and get fit. TikTok user Jenessa (@thejenessamarie) documented her 75-day journey on video, revealing that by the end of it she had lost 20 pounds and 5% body fat without losing any muscle. He stated that he was “very satisfied” with his results and explained. “I can tell how much more toned and feeling great I am. I sleep well and feel more comfortable in my body than I did a few months ago. I’m going to keep going and try to lose another 20 pounds.

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TikTok user @kgfitnesstoks also shared a recap of her 75 Hard Challenges journey, noting: “I completed the 75 hard and these were the results…losing 30 pounds and never going back!”

Another TikToker, Lauren Cottrell (@laurencottrell), raved about the challenge in a video, revealing that it’s an effective bridal weight loss regimen. He said. “The most ironic thing happened today. I literally started this journey 75 days ago to make my wedding dress look my best and yes, I literally got a text today that my wedding dress is in… and I am so excited, I couldn’t be more proud of myself for this whole journey during”.

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