Is it safe to skip an ozempic shot before a special meal or trip?

If you take semaglutide (Ozempic, Wegovy) or tirzepatide (Mounjaro, Zepbound), some food-focused holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are probably very different for you now. After all, these powerful appetite suppressants can make eating rich foods an uncomfortable experience.

You may be tempted to skip or delay a dose before a special occasion, whether it’s a big holiday meal, an expensive anniversary or birthday dinner, or some other celebration. Or maybe you’re planning a vacation and thinking about skipping a dose to really get your money’s worth from an all-inclusive resort.

An informal survey of social media forums dedicated to the use of injectable weight loss products shows that people are very divided about skipping doses. Some report happily delaying or skipping doses for holidays and vacations and would do so again. Others have tried the technique with poor results. Some people completely reject the idea.

So is it really safe to skip a dose every once in a while? And is that a good idea?

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