A woman’s diet before and after losing 50 kilograms

Gene Cohen before (left) and after losing 50 pounds.
Gene Cohen

  • Gene Cohen lost 50 pounds and kept it off for seven years.
  • He did not refuse food, but he did eat in a mild caloric deficit.
  • Cohen shared an average daily meal before and after losing weight.

For years, General Cohen was either in a restrictive, unstable position fad diet or overeating, taking food for most meals.

This meant that her weight would drop over the years, and when she did lose weight, she would always put more back on.

However, on her 21st birthday, Cohen decided to make a change and embark on a fitness journey that would be healthy and long.

He was eating in a toddler caloric deficitprepared his meals in advance and made sure he ate plenty the protein. Most importantly, she didn’t cut any foods out of her diet and was patient.

This led to Cohen losing 50 lbs in one year and maintain the weight after seven years.

“I promised myself that instead of hating on skinny, I would love myself to health,” Cohen told Business Insider. “Every time I’ve tried to lose weight, I’ve tried to do it for a guy, for a holiday, for a special event, for New Year’s, and this was the first time I really did it for myself.”

Before losing weight, Cohen used to eat ice cream all at once.

Cohen maintained the weight loss for seven years.
Gene Cohen

“I would eat very large amounts of food and feel physically terrible afterward because I lacked self-love,” Cohen said. But he’s worked on his mindset and self-love and no longer “hits with food”, meaning he can now eat a serving of ice cream, for example.

Cohen, who is now a certified nutrition coach who helps other women lose weight, shared an example of her eating days with BI, showing how her diet changed before and after she lost weight.

Diet before losing weight

Leaving his family home to go to college meant Cohen could eat whatever he wanted, which was a novelty.

He ate out for every meal, which wasn’t difficult because he lived above the cafeteria, Cohen said.

The average day to eat will be:

  • Breakfast: Blueberry Muffin or Chocolate Croissant with Caramel Macchiato

  • lunch Mongolian-style noodles with meat, vegetables and fatty sauces from the food stand

  • Dinner: Medium Domino’s Pizza and Chicken Caesar Salad

  • Dessert. Pint of ice cream

Domino’s Pizza was my favorite food,” Cohen said. literally just order it and eat the whole thing.”

Cohen ate large meals, so he didn’t snack much unless it was in a social setting. He was eating 50% desert, he said.

Diet after losing weight

Cohen has maintained weight loss following the 80/20 principle. eating nutritious food 80% of the time and whatever he wants the other 20%.

He’s a bit more of a snacker because his meals are smaller, but overall he’s consuming less, which means he’s not gaining weight.

Now to eat an average day.

  • Breakfast. homemade protein pancakes (protein powder, egg and ripe banana)

  • Lunch: chicken, rice and broccoli; or ground beef, sweet potato and asparagus

  • Supper. ground turkey sweet potato casserole

  • Snacks: an apple, a cup of Greek yogurt, a protein shake, and/or rice cakes topped with cottage cheese and chili oil

Cohen keeps her lunches simple because she makes them ahead of time, but she makes sure they consist of a protein source, vegetables and a starch, she said. Experts agree that a balanced meal should contain protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber.

Dinner varies more, but once a week she and her friend take out and eat out once a week.

When cooking, she likes to make healthier versions of her favorite energy-dense foods, allowing Cohen to maintain a healthy balance.

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